How do you convince an ad community to actually give a shit about a local award show? By calling them out on their BS, and praising those who put in the effort. 50 ideas make it. Hundreds don't.

By recognizing the 50 most-celebrated advertising and marketing media-neutral ideas, the show acknowledges that breakthrough ideas matter most and pave the way for client success. Furthermore, judging campaigns on the substance of the ideas themselves invites greater participation and levels the playing field, allowing everyone in the ad community (the big, the small, the in-house, the in-basement) to submit their best work and be judged as equals. The 50 is the only advertising award show in the U.S. based on this unique, inclusive approach.

Advertising professionals all across Colorado gathered in late January for Ad Club's annual awards event—The Fifty. The state’s largest advertising and marketing show, The Fifty honors the fifty top campaign ideas created by members of our vibrant advertising community. Held this year at the Space Gallery in Denver, the event drew in more than 350 attendees from large and small companies. 

Date: Winter 2015
Client: Ad Club Denver
Role: Art Director / Designer / Copywriter / Video Editor