If you live here, you get it.

If you live in Colorado, there are some things you just “get”. Like Rocky Mountain Health Plans for example. On the Western Slope, about 90% of people are already covered by Rocky Mountain Health Plans. So we wanted to make them feel good about their decision by reminding them that Rocky Mountain Health Plans truly understands their needs like no other health insurance company does, because Rocky Mountain Health Plans is from Colorado, too.

We introduced the new tagline “We’re Colorado, too” and proved our point by showing other things that only Coloradoans can really “get”.  The implication is, if you are an outsider, or an outside health insurance company, you just don’t get it.

With a humorous mix of television, radio and print pieces our campaign was informative and rewarding for loyal customers as well as helpful for those who might be new to Colorado. It shows that if you live in Colorado your needs may be different, and therefore you need a different health insurance company —Rocky Mountain Health Plans.