After winning the pitch for SlimFast, I asked my Instagram followers "What do you think of SlimFast?" Every response I got was negative...SlimFast was "outdated", "for my grandma", "gross", and "something we used in high school".

Despite having grown and added new products, plans and resources, the SlimFast brand felt passé. And the best way to show how far they’d come, was to go back. Way back.

So, how do you re-introduce an aging, all-but-forgotten about brand to modern society?

We decided to travel back to the 80's and revisit those old, cringe-worthy SlimFast ads, and tackle awkwardness head-on.
Enter Abby! A time traveling crusader, a SlimFast enthusiast, but most importantly: a best friend in your weight management journey. The one who knows how important living your life is and knows that with today’s SlimFast you can do that AND reach your goals.