We All Need Health Insurance

We all need health insurance, because we all do stupid stuff sometimes.

Now in year two of the Affordable Care Act (A.K.A. Obamacare) Connect For Health Colorado had less of an awareness problem and more of an opportunity to lighten up a little. As Colorado’s healthcare exchange, this year the topic of health care for all was less politically charged and more just trying to work out the kinks so that anyone who needed health insurance was not impeded in getting it. With an easier and more functional website, and awareness not a problem, our message this year was a simple reminder, “We all need health insurance.” It was the soft way of saying that “hey, it’s the law we all are required to have it now”. To help overcome people’s fears that it may be cumbersome to sign up, or it will take a long time, or maybe they can get by without it, we created humorous, lighthearted TV, print and radio around the idea that even if you don’t think you need it, you actually do, because you never know when your poor judgment may come back to bite you.

Date: Summer 2014
Client: Connect for Health Colorado
Role: Art Director / Designer